Organizational Strategy Development and Alignment

An effective organizational strategy is one that is understandable and executable by employees. Organizations that operate without a clearly understood and communicated vision, strategy or plan inevitable come across stumbling blocks that can lead to failure simply because the organizations strategy is not properly aligned with its realities. Employees must understand how their actions enable or hinder strategic achievement in order to be able to fully execute the organizations strategy. In the absence of this alignment from the top down it is very difficult for an organization to meet its goals. UFOUND Solutions Group can help you develop effective and efficient strategies and bridge the gap between your strategy and your organization’s reality to ensure that your resources and efforts efficiently support your strategy.

Organization Design and Restructure

The benefit of a sound organizational design is to ensure that all parts of your organization are optimally designed to support your strategy and agile enough to adapt to changing conditions. If your organization is not structured correctly or if the present structure does not facilitate collaboration or accountability you may find yourself expending resources with no real productive outcome. Organizational design and restructure is critical and can be the difference in whether or not you succeed in your growth plans.  If done properly, it can dramatically improve the efficiency of your operations and your workforce. UFOUND Solutions Group can help you identify and implement overall organizational structure and individual department structures that will best position your organization to reach its goals.

Organizational Change Management

Change is nothing new, but the pace and enormity of change organizations face today can make it difficult to keep everyone and everything moving ahead together. Change impacts every facet of an organization and often requires a different approach to managing employees and stakeholders. In order for change to be lasting, there must be a plan that includes methods of consistency in new behaviors to steer an organization down the new path and keep it from going back to the old ways of operating. If you are planning a major change in your organization, the workforce must be properly involved, brought along and enrolled in the process. After all, they are the ones who will be charged with carrying out the change. Just because something works on paper, if it involves your people, it’s not going to work if they are not properly and carefully brought along. Our Organizational Change Management services helps to ensure that you develop and implement lasting change strategies to support your vision and ensure that your people adjust to the change positively.

Performance Management

An organization’s employees are its greatest assets – or at least should be. That is why managers need to ensure that employees are performing to their maximum potential and expectations. The cost of qualified and competent human capital is high and will continue to rise. But Identifying and hiring the best people is not enough.  Organizations need to understand the importance of establishing a comprehensive performance management program based on standard performance management processes and objectivity in order to retain and develop a quality workforce. UFOUND Solutions Group’s performance management training and consulting services are tailored to your organization’s needs to ensure that you retain your best talent who will work to ensure that the organization’s goals are achieved.

Developing & Streamlining Processes & Procedures

We use a methodical approach to process/procedure development which results in the maximization of human capital and financial resources, improved quality of your organization’s efficiency and, ultimately, ensures higher returns for your organization. Let UFOUND Solutions Group show you how to improve the transparency of your processes, improve the timeliness and predictability of operations while maintaining quality, develop a more helpful culture to improve customer service, and, most importantly, create financial savings for your organization.


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