The building blocks of any great organization are its people. With recruiting, training and retention costs on the rise, it is absolutely necessary for organizations to optimize their investment in human resources. UFOUND Solutions Group helps clients do just that to maintain top talent through the following Human Resource Management services:

Human Resource Design/Restructure

Organizations are changing rapidly and with change comes the altering of the organizational landscape. But without the right information, you can’t measure or predict how employees will be affected. Organizations need to align their management’s goals and the goals of individual employees with corporate strategy, in order to deliver strategic plans, and to deal with change proactively, instead of reactively. The challenges organizations face today require new types of employees and leaders with skills that blend management competencies with an understanding of the underlying habits that keep employees from being effective. We provide you with organizational insights that enable you to plan effective human capital strategies and measure and compare your organization’s best practices.

Personnel Search and Placement

Our aim is to match you with the right candidate for that all important vacancy while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and integrity. We recruit across all sectors. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and confidentiality is assured. We are able to supply permanent, contract, temporary and interim professionals. All of our candidates are interviewed and tested, where applicable, in person so we can assure you of providing suitable candidates. We provide you with detailed information on all candidates in order to help you in your decision making. We vet all candidate credentials submitted for quality assurance.

HRIS Processing

Our HRIS processing services – HR, payroll, benefits administration, statutory reporting, and performance management – are designed specifically to help keep things simple, affordable, and in compliance with regulations. With our processing service, you have a choice – we can run your processes from our offices for you or you are able to run the services on your own with our in-house HRIS software that includes all the basic HR functionality.

Staff Motivation Programs

Studies show that ten to twenty percent of employees come to work with a positive outlook and work ethic. Another ten to twenty percent comes to work, generally negative. And the other eighty percent can swing either way on any given day. They are either going to join with the first group and be happy and productive, or become negative, cynical naysayers, like the second group. What you do as a manager controls their ultimate attitude, work ethic and productivity. They are workable. They want to be motivated and inspired. They like feeling positive and happy like that first group, but they need a little help from inspired leadership. You can provide that and we can help you with our tailored Staff Motivation Programs.

Team Development and Alignment

Great teams evolve over time. But the pace of today’s marketplace requires organizations to attributes like trust, honesty, accountability and respect very quickly. Our team leadership training services can accelerate your teambuilding efforts, improving communication skills and creating processes to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of high performance teams.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is something that most people needlessly fear and most organizations unsuccessfully try to avoid. But when harnessed and managed properly, conflict can actually be an organization’s greatest source of innovation and its strongest tool for aligning different points of view. UFOUND Solutions uses negotiation and mediation methods to transform internal conflict into competitive advantage. Our model is not complicated and it is effective, easy to learn, non-threatening, proven and works at all levels of an organization.

Capacity Development Training

Our Human Capacity Development courses are customized to provide a blend of the right focus on core competencies, leadership and communications skills and personnel insights necessary to develop your current and next generation employees and leaders and ensure sustained growth. Visit our Human Capacity Development Seminars section to see a full listing of our offerings. [should be hyperlink that takes you to HCDS page}

Meeting Design and Facilitation

Meetings are often a significant source of frustration rather than a tool for resolution. Often, meetings are disorganized, nothing gets accomplished and the same situation gets discussed repeatedly with no resolution in sight. Meetings do not need to be unproductive. UFOUND Solutions can show you how to design and facilitate meetings for any number of participants, ensuring that the meetings flow smoothly and that they meet their stated objectives.

 Focus Groups and Written Surveys

We will assist in planning focus groups, and in developing survey and focus group questions that elicit essential information from staff members. Time is also devoted to facilitating the focus groups, reporting the results of the focus groups and written surveys, and recommending follow-up procedures.


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