Administrative and Human Resources Management

This seminar is designed to teach students how to attract, sustain and manage your workforce and optimize the potential of employees, while maximizing your organization’s effectiveness.

*Students may participate in the full seminar or opt to take specific courses. The full seminar covers topics in the following areas:

Human Resources Management – This course covers key HR functions such as recruitment, selection, development, appraisal, retention, compensation, and labor relations in depth.

Benefits and Compensation This course covers the total compensation practices including strategic compensation, employee compensation and benefits, job evaluation, incentives and variable pay, employee motivation, compensation administration and the compensation of special groups.

Human Resources Strategy This course teaches students how to transition from being simply an HR Manager to becoming an HR Administrator – how to move from sitting on the sidelines to becoming a part of the process of setting organizational strategy. It covers management principles and techniques, implementing organizational policies and procedures, budgeting and downsizing.

Legal Implications in Human Resources This course covers legal compliance in and provides in-depth analysis and understanding of the Labor Laws of Liberia. The course will teach students how to handle complaints against employees, particularly those that have legal implications, and provides students with the information they need to effectively communicate with employees during investigations and apply punitive measures, when applicable.

Health and Safety – This course provides basic health and safety awareness and will teach students how to develop and implement policies and programs related to Workplace Safety, Workplace Risk Assessment, and Monitor, occupational health and safety.

Assessment, Motivation & Inspiration

This seminar is for supervisors, managers and leaders who have a workforce that is resistant to change. Participants will learn how to open people’s minds and hearts, deal effectively with negativity and resistance, begin to create a long-term culture change—and transform their organization. We explore the power of positive thinking and changing “No-We-Can’t” attitude to “Yes-We-Can!”

Conflict Management

Conflict is a part of everyday life. How we deal with conflict can determine a positive or negative outcome. Conflict Resolution skills help you build more unified organizations. This course will teach students how to respond in creative and positive ways to address the disputes and conflicts organizations face on a daily basis and provides students with background knowledge and theory, the confidence to identify and employ attitudinal changes and the ability to apply these core skills to diverse workplace conflicts.

Performance Management

Effective performance management enables an organization to establish a culture in which employees take responsibility for the delivery of performance goals and self-improvement. This seminar will help you gain the knowledge and skills to build and maintain an effective performance management culture in your organization as well as maintaining and improving the quality of relationships – between managers and individuals, between managers and teams and between members of teams.

We will show you how to:

  • Establish clear and concise organizational goals
  • Establish department goals that are transparent and driven by organizational goals
  • Link performance management with compensation and training
  • Track performance and progress toward goals
  • Increase employee productivity and retention
  • Managing poor performance
  • Deliver honest, ongoing, ethical and fair reviews


Effective Communications

  • Communication Skills Training: Being able to effectively communicate can mean the difference in your career between going places … and going nowhere. This workshop is designed for people who want to learn how to significantly improve the communication and interpersonal skills needed to get their point across. They will gain tips for delivering stand-out presentations, and for communicating effectively in a variety of tough situations. They’ll learn how to voice their opinion with authority and tact and find new ways to gain personal and professional respect.
  • Presentation Skills Training: In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop and deliver engaging presentations that persuade, educate, motivate, sell and get desired results.  Students will increase their confidence and sense of control in front of an audience.
  • Customer Service Training: Great customer service keeps customers happy, insures repeat business, and enhances an organization’s reputation. It turns new customers into repeat customers. Bad customer service can ruin your organization. This workshop will teach participants how to deliver excellent customer service and increase repeat business by energizing themselves, impressing customers, enhancing their image, and improving positive word-of-mouth.


Management and Leadership Effectiveness

With increased competition comes an increased demand for effective leaders. UFOUND Solutions Group helps clients maximize the benefit of their investment in human capital through our leadership coaching services. We help you understand the relationship between your actions and the internal assumptions that drive your behavior so you can identify and employ more effective ways of leading.

Our High Potential Leadership workshop and program is specifically-designed for supervisors and managers who need to know the basics of effective management, but you don’t need to be a supervisor or manager to benefit from this workshop. In the workshop, participants will:

  • Identify strengths and challenges in their ability to lead, manage and supervise,
  • Apply effective leadership and management practices to help meet work objectives,
  • Utilize effective management skills in daily work with people and projects, and
  • Learn and practice techniques to deal effectively with difficult people and situations.
  • Learn how to lead through influence
  • Learn how to lead from within


Project Management

This course provides a general introduction to project management. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding basic project management terminology, methodology and the role of project manager;
  • Appreciate why projects fail and how failure can be avoided
  • Understanding project management in terms of the project planning process, scope and structure, timelines, costs, risk analysis, aims, objectives, milestones, budget, effective project review, and post project delivery and closure


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