The UFOUND Solutions Process

We are dedicated to bringing out the best in individuals and groups in an organizational setting and we work on the individual, group and organizational levels. All of our processes and interventions are aimed at reaching the hearts of the people we serve — not just their heads. We teach, but more than that, we inspire, motivate, and challenge individuals, teams and organizations to raise the bar and move to the next level of effective performance.

Phase I: Assessment

We begin with a full assessment of your organization. This assessment usually involves private individual interviews with you and other key members of your leadership team, as well as other selected individuals. We also conduct anonymous surveys of your entire staff. This assessment phase gives us a good picture of your organization’s strengths and where the areas of opportunities are.

Phase II: Analysis & Recommendations

After the Assessment Phase is complete, we analyze the information gathered to decide the best recommendations. We provide you with a thorough analysis of what we learned and our recommendations about how to best proceed.

Phase III: Planning

After the analysis phase is complete, working together with you, and taking in consideration what we found out to be the most urgent needs, as well as your organizations time and budget constraints, we come up with an Organizational Development Plan for the organization, which gets monitored and updated over time. This plan serves as the basis and focus of our ongoing relationship.

Phase IV: Interventions

The fourth phase is the intervention(s) that you, with our assistance, decide to undertake. It can be as simple as a training course for your employees or as complicated as a complete organizational restructuring. However small or large, our interventions are done in a manner that ensures sustainability and ownership by all participants.

Phase V: Evaluation

We develop a process, that it is beneficial to both parties, to objectively measure how the plan is going. Because we do an assessment up-front, we have a baseline to compare our progress to. We will periodically meet with you to discuss the progress and make any adjustments to the Organizational Development Plan as needed.


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