UFOUND Solutions Group is a 100% Liberian female owned and operated consulting firm located in Monrovia, Liberia.  We specialize in Organizational Development with our main focus in Advisory & Investment services, Organizational Effectiveness, Human Capital Management, Human Capacity Development Training, Program/Project Management, and Government Affairs and we have extensive experience in navigating the corporate, private and public arenas. With our solid track record, we can help you deal with a variety of issues affecting your organization and develop and successfully implement effective organizational development solutions that help increase your efficiencies.

UFOUND comes to you with creativity, focus and diligence. We realize that every client interaction is important, and each outcome matters. We work creatively to develop strategies that are most likely to achieve outcomes that match your goals. Our ultimate objective is to help you meet your goals, using practical experience and knowledge to apply to your unique situation, all the while understanding the importance of flexibility in our approach.

Let us help you define what is important now and in the long term, determine the systemic barriers to your success, and develop a roadmap to conquer the conflicts that challenge your progress. We will work with you to create a scope of work designed to begin the change process. Our consultation process is a 360 degree approach which includes discussing and determining issues facing your organization, variables that must be considered, internal and external developmental implications, the outcomes that will affect stakeholders, and the parameters of accountability, responsibility and authority.

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